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My interest in cooking started years ago as a child watching my mother in the kitchen. Soon I realized that bar-b-queing was something that I really enjoyed. As time went on, I began bar-b-queing for family and friends. This hobby turned into a normal way of life for me in so much so I would help raise money for different charitable organizations. I would always have someone ask me for a business card and I found myself explaining to them it’s just a hobby.

We have the equipment to cater your event! Whether its a Birthday, Church Event, Community Events, Holiday unctions, House Warming, Luau, Shower, Superbowl Party, Wedding or any Special Occasion we can provide for all events! We will bring whatever required and go above and beyond for our customers!

HERBEQUE Catering, L.L.C.

HERBEQUE has the equipment for the job!
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